Ralphie May is an all-American stand up comic who rose to fame as a finalist on Last Comic Standing in 2003. Originally from Arkansas, Raphie May’s material is a mix of liberal ideals and Southern values. He jumps around from his family to U.S. immigration laws, to the military and delivers it with pure southern delight.

If you are a fan of comics like Sam Kinison and Buddy Hackett, Ralphie May has that kind of flavor- plus some. What is most interesting about Ralphie Mae is that he targets a very specific audience. Unlike comics like Bill Cosby and Jerry Seinfeld that focus on humor in the purest of subject matter Ralphie Mae is talking to moderate liberals in a very right wing environment. When he discusses politics, race, and gender, he pushes the envelope– for a White Arkansas male that is considering a vote for Nader.

Compared with other comics that focus on that subject matter, he doesn’t go too far and he delivers his comedy with the ability to entertain both sides of the political scale.

Ralphie MayRalphie May has done four Comedy Central specials; Girth of a Nation (2006), Prime Cut (2007), Austin-tatious (2008), and Too Big to Ignore (2012) and served as executive producer on all of them. The DVD includes a Behind the Scenes special feature where Ralphie May talks about his preparation for the show. The Too Big to Ignore  DVD has an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 and the image quality is decent, with everything you need to see his expressive face and gestures.