A musical adaptation of the original Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, Thumbelina, is a striking animated film from 1994 featuring original songs from Barry Manilow, Jack Feldman, and Bruce Sussman. Directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman for their Independent  Don Bluth Productions, Inc., Thumbelina is the artistic creation of two animators that were moving away from Disney. The success of Thumbelina inspired a spin-off starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Elijah Wood and Peter Gallagher The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina.

Jacquimo (Gino Conforti), a romantic Parisian bird narrates the story of Thumbelina. Thumbelina is born out of a flower to an elderly, childless woman who takes care of her as her own. The royal fairy court is traveling through the night and Price Cornelius (Gary Imhoff) happens to see Thumbelina through the window and stops in to say hello. So happy to finally meet someone her size, she goes for a ride with him on his bumblebee. They go on an adventure through the flowers and river and pass by a boat on the river where Thumbelina’s beauty captivates the attention of three toads.

ThumbelinaPrince Cornelius promises to come to her the next day so she can meet his parents and they can get married, but she is stolen in the night by the mother of the three toads (Charo). She inducts Thumbelina as the new star of their traveling theater troupe “Los Sapos Guapos” and tries to convince her to marry one of her three sons, Mozo (Danny Mann), Gringo (Loren Lester), or Grundel (Joe Lynch) and that the domestic life with the prince will distract her from her new budding career as the star of their show.

Thumbelina escapes the three toads only to come across a sweet-talking beetle (Gilbert Gotfried) who takes her as a headlining singer at The Beetle Ball. Behind some leaves, her bug friends witness her interaction with the beetle and begin a quest to save her. On their quest they run into one of the toads who coerces them for information on Thumbelina’s whereabouts. Determined to find and marry Thumbelina, the toad seeks the beetle. With the upcoming threat of winter, Prince Cornelius runs into the bugs and he is guided in the right direction only to run into a frost.

The toad runs into the beetle who threatens the beetle until he finds information regarding Thumbelina’s whereabouts. The beetle finds the prince in danger and captures him, as part of the deal that the toad will have Thumbelina all for himself. Thumbelina looks for shelter with Mrs. Field Mouse (Carol Channing), who informs her that Cornelius was found frozen dead. Devastated, Thumbelina goes with Mrs. Field Mouse to Mr. Mole’s (John Hurt) underground house. Mr. Mole offers Mrs. Field Mouse money if she helps him convince Thumbelina to marry him.

After a few cute songs and pushes from Mrs. Field Mouse, Thumbelina walks down the aisle with Mr. Mole. In an epic climax, she runs away from the wedding while Prince Cornelius arrives there in an attempt to save her. He fights off the just-arriving toad, beetle, and Mr. Mole and they meet in the veil of the fairies where they join again in song. They have a grand fairy wedding, reuniting Thumbelina with her mother. Prince Cornelius and Thumbelina live happily ever after.

The Blu-ray has an aspect ratio of 1.85:1 and while the image is precise, it is solidly pre-Pixar, pre-computer animation. The sound is in 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio sounds fine. It has the option for subtitles in English, French, and Spanish.

In a distinctively un-Disney fashion, Thumbelina, is colorful, entertaining, and pushes more boundaries than most classic Disney films made in the same decade. Thumbelina has a beautiful soundtrack that teaches a lost girl that to find her way home, she must follow her heart.