16-year-old Kenny (Wes Stern) has one thing on his mind: girls. Summer break means he and his friends Mike (Rick Kelman) and Tommy (Wink Roberts) have nothing but time to engage in their fantasies about the opposite sex. The trio ride their bikes, go swimming and daydream about having sex. They strike out with the girls in the neighborhood who see them as too young. It doesn’t help matters that Kenny’s mother has recently died. His widowed father Charles (Gerard Parkes) is carrying on with his hot secretary, Pam (Sharon Acker). Worse yet, his father has a business opportunity that necessitates lots of travel. As a result, Kenny is sent to live with his grandparents in Buffalo.

Now at summer camp, Kenny is lonely and depressed. Writing home to friends, he lies and tells them how much fun he’s having…Regaling them with tales about the nonexistent experiences he’s having at the non-existent whorehouse “Rosie’s” on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Naturally, Mike and Tommy want a piece of the action and surprise Kenny with a visit.

Once over the border, Kenny scrambles to cover his lies. He meets the beautiful Anna (Jacqueline Bisset), whom the boys mistake for a prostitute. They take her to a hotel room, but Anna doesn’t want to party, she needs an escort over the Canadian border…

The premise is decidedly ridiculous. Wes Stern is supposed to be playing a naïve teenager but is obviously much older. He does have a goofy quality that helps make the movie’s “coming-of-age” theme more tolerable than expected. Kenny questioning Anna as to why girls don’t like him, feels realistic enough. At the height of her beauty, Jacqueline Bisset has a couple of memorably sexy scenes. In no way though doesn’t it measure up to The Graduate, that era’s premiere coming-of-age film, released two years earlier. Nonetheless, its an interesting curio that fans of Jacqueline Bisset will likely find interesting.

Not noted as being a new scan, Kino Lorber’s new Blu-ray transfer looks fine. Detail is evident throughout, particularly textures in the clothes and environments. Niagara Falls looks almost as beautiful as Jacqueline Bisset! A nice filmic grain is retained throughout. There is no apparent DNR or other digital anomalies to note. Black levels are strong, though a slight milky appearance is briefly apparent on a couple of occasions. Skin tones look natural and maintain a nice level of detail in closeups. Colors look bright throughout and there are no major print flaws.

The DTS-HD 2.0 Master Audio track does a good job with this dialogue heavy film. the track exhibits no real wear and tear throughout. The sound effects are well mixed, maintaining a clarity, never interfering with the voices. Dialogue is clean, clear and precise throughout. There are no apparent hisses, pops, crackles or other audio anomalies apparent.

English subtitles are included.

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