Movie title: Texas Chainsaw Mascara (2022)

Director(s): Bill Zebub

Actor(s): Maya Waters

Genre: Horror

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In a career spanning more than twenty years, independent filmmaker Bill Zebub has become a bit of multimedia titan, publishing a quarterly magazine, hosting a radio show and releasing low budget, independently released movies at an amazing rate. As of this writing, he has writing, Zebub’s filmography lists nearly seventy titles. With titles such as Jesus, the Total Douche Bag, Dickless Zombies and Dumb and Dahmer, Zebub makes it clear his audience isn’t the average movie viewer and he likes it that way.

 Texas Chainsaw Mascara concerns a group of New Yorkers who decide to visit the filming locations of horror classic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Unfortunately, the car breaks down, leaving them stranded. With little choice, they accept a ride from a local. Predictably, this was a very bad choice. These Southerners are not happy to have a group of Yankees in their midst. Things won’t end well for the New York tourists…

If you hadn’t already guessed, Texas Chainsaw Mascara is a crazy mess. However, if you’re familiar with Bill Zebub and his work, there’s an expectation of blood splatter, topless girls and copious killings. Check, check and check. Texas Chainsaw Mascara even includes a man with a pig face.

While I made it through Texas Chainsaw Mascara, it was difficult. This type of movie isn’t for me, though I respect Zebub’s ability to make films on a miniscule budget. While I will rate this film, it means little, as fans of Bill Zebub’s films will no doubt enjoy Texas Chainsaw Mascara for what is.

Now available on Blu-ray, it’s enough to say that Texas Chainsaw Mascara looks and sounds like you would expect from a micro-budget film.

Fans of Bill Zebub will be pleased that the Blu-ray includes a new cut of Dirtbags: An Armpit of Metal (2002), which contains a cameo by Peter Steele from Type O Negative.