Featuring Cary Grant in his most “domestic” role, Room for One More is based on a popular early fifties book of the same name. George “Poppy” Rose (Grant) lives with his wife Anna (Betsy Drake) their three children and various stray pets. George is sweet with the children, if occasionally overwhelmed by all the activity in the house. A pushover, George barely blinks an eye when Anna takes in one and then another foster child. While definitely a comedy, Room for One More brings to light some weighty subjects–adoption and child neglect–which hit home for many in postwar America, as orphanages overflowed with needy children.

Jane Miller (Iris Mann) is an angry 13-year-old suspicious of Anna’s motives. Time and attention slowly win her over. Jimmy John (Clifford Tatum Jr.) is angrier child with a disability that requires leg braces. Again, time, attention and lots of patience wins him over.

Married in real life at the time, the chemistry between Grant and Drake is undeniable. Comfortable with the child actors, Grant shows his flair for the comedic. In one early scene, George struggles to make a birthday cake while a cat gives birth to kittens under the stove. The house is so chaotic, George openly wonders how they had any kids at all!

Directed by Norman Taurog, Room for One More has long been considered a minor classic by film fans. It’s a simple story filled with humor and humanity. It never gets to smaltzy and addresses some adult issues, while maintaining its family movie appeal.

Room for One More comes to Blu-ray with a new 1080p transfer courtesy of Warner Archive. Presented in the 1.85:1 aspect ratio, the image is devoid of scratches or other anomalies. Blacks are deep and inky, contrast is well balanced.

The DTS 2.0 track provides offers clean and concise dialogue with no hisses, pops, or other anomalies present.

English SDH subtitles are included.

The following extras are available:

  • Operation Rabbit (HD) New scan of this WB cartoon from ’52.
  • Feed the Kitty (HD) New scan of this WB cartoon from ’52.
  • Trailer (HD)
Room for One More (1952)

Movie title: Room for One More

Country: USA

Duration: 98 min

Director(s): Norman Taurog

Actor(s): Cary Grant, Betsy Drake , Lurene Tuttle, Randy Stuart, John Ridgely

Genre: Comedy

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