Given the record success of My Big Fat Greek Wedding—made on a budget of about $5,000,000, the film grossed over $350,000,000 worldwide—a sequel was inevitable. However, when the sequel came and went with little fanfare, it was safe to assume the franchise was done. Color me surprised when 2023 brought us My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3!

In the first film, dowdy Toula Portokalos (Nia Vardalos) met and married hunky Ian Miller (John Corbett) in their Big Fat Greek Wedding. The second film saw the couple parents of high school senior Paris (Elena Kampouris) and revolved around the ridiculous premise that Toula’s dad Gus (Michael Constantine) and mom Maria (Lainie Kazan) were never legally married so they needed their own Big Fat Greek Wedding.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 picks up just a year later. Maria suffers from dementia but remembers enough to insist that Toula follow through with the recently deceased Gus’s wish to visit his old village in Greece and deliver a journal to his three childhood friends.

Led by Toula and Ian, several members of the Portokalos clan to the town of Vrisi, determined to carry out Gus’s final wish. There, they encounter a series of silly (and boring) misadventures. Instead of a linear story, writer and director Vardalos sets up a series of supposed funny set pieces that continually misfire. I can’t imagine a fourth My Big Fat Greek Wedding is in the cards. The original film managed to be relatable, but the sequels offer nothing memorable.

Presented in the 2.39:1 aspect ratio, the resulting presentation is sold throughout. Overall sharpness is impressive. The result felt accurate and detailed. Source flaws are absent, and the film looks clean. The color palette leaned toward teal with a splash of amber. Within those parameters the results were pleasing. Blacks are deep and inky. Shadow delineation offers smoothness and clarity throughout.

While the DTS-HD MA 5.1 soundtrack isn’t particularly ambitious, it suits this dialogue heavy film. the soundfileld is largely ambience and music. It occasionally opens up for scenes in a nightclub, weather, etc. dialogue is clean, clear and concise throughout.

English SDH and Spanish subtitles are included.

The following extras are available:

  • Audio Commentary with Writer/Director/Actor Nia Vardalos
  • Gag Reel (HD, 7:43)
  • Deleted/Extended Scenes (HD, 2:11)
  • On Set (HD, 3:21)
  • Opa! (HD, 7:00)
  • Extended Take (HD, 1:00) for “Wedding Drum Song.

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