Blu-ray Review: Popeye the Sailor – The 1940’s, Volume 3

Released by Warner Archive, the third volume of Popeye the Sailor: The 1940’s contains seventeen shorts from 1948-49. Produced by Famous Studios and originally disturbed by Paramount Pictures, by now Popeye had become respectable — less politically incorrect, though there is still a disclaimer on the back cover stating that the Blu-ray collection is intended for an adult audience and may not be suitable for children. The opening screen explains that (as in the previous volumes), the ethnic stereotypes depicted in A Wolf in Sheik’s Clothing, etc., are considered to be offensive today, but included because there part of Popeye cartoon history. If you enjoyed the first two Blu-ray releases, this one won’t disappoint. Below is a list of the Seventeen shorts available on the disc, followed by the director:


Olive Oyl for President directed by Isadore Sparber

Wigwam Whoopee – Isadore Sparber

Pre-Hysterical Man – Seymour Keitel

Popeye Meets Hercules – Bill Tytla

A Wolf in Sheik’s Clothing – Isadore Sparber

Spinach vs. Hamburgers – Seymour Keitel

Snow Place Like Home – Seymour Keitel

Robin Hood-Winked – Seymour Keitel

Symphony in Spinach – Seymour Keitel


Popeye’s Premiere – No director credit. Utilized footage from Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp, directed by Dave Fleischer.

Lumberjack and Jill – Seymour Keitel

Hot Air Aces – Isadore Sparber

A Balmy Swami – Isadore Sparber

Tar with a Star – Bill Tytla

Silly Hillbilly – Isadore Sparber

Barking Dogs Don’t Fite – Isadore Sparber

The Fly’s Last Flight – Seymour Keitel

Like the previous volumes, this has reportedly been sourced from 4K remasters of each short’s original nitrate Technicolor negative, these shorts look fabulous. The amount of detail is stunning. Colors are well balanced and bright. This is truly top tier stuff for cartoon fans.

The DTS mono 2.0 Master Audio (mono) is free of any hisses, pops, or crackles. Dialogue and music cues are clean and clear throughout. While the negative briefly shows its age in a couple of spots, it’s impossible to complain about the level of restoration work done here.

Optional English subtitles are available during all seventeen shorts.

There are no extras.

Popeye the Sailor - The 1940's, Volume 3
Popeye Volume 3

Movie title: Popeye the Sailor - The 1940's, Volume 3

Country: USA

Duration: 120 min

Director(s): Isadore Sparber, Seymour Keitel, Bill Tytla , Dave Fleischer, ,

Actor(s): Jack Mercer, Jackson Beck, Mae Questel, Harry Welch

Genre: Animation, Short, Comedy

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