I Melt With You

Blu-ray Review: I Melt With You

I Melt With You from director Mark Pellington (Henry Poole is Here) centers around four men having to face disappointments they’ve always feared. Richard (Thomas Jane), Ron (Jeremy Piven), Jonathan (Rob Lowe), and Tim (Christian McCay) are college friends that reunite every year. This year they meet at a beautiful, isolated house where they consume an unlimited supply of pills, cocaine, and alcohol and face an ultimatum they made for themselves in their twenties. The stakes are high, and when the first friend comes to terms with the ultimatum, I Melt With You begins to fall apart.

Richard is an English teacher who leads the pack as a failed writer. Ron, the stock trader, is the ultimate white-collar criminal whose time out of prison is running short. Jonathan is a pill addicted doctor that is losing grasp of the relationship with his young son. Tim is the mysterious, sensitive character that blames himself for the death of his sister and his boyfriend, though we never find out why.

I Melt With YouThis is a story of fear and disappointment, but poorly executed. Instead of telling a storythat anyone could relate to, it tells a story of rich, white males that have too much time on their hands. Dialogue is often centered on “pussy” and “balls”; sometimes, there’s no dialogue at all. The implications of the pact become obvious as the movie continues, but there is no explanation as to its purpose. It’s a drama without the possibility for empathy. I Melt With You vacillates between a therapy session for entitled children and an advertisement for a rave club.

The film morphs into a wannabe crime-thriller when the local Sheriff’s deputy (Carla Gugino) visits after a bar fight and notices the Porsche that Richard rented just for the weekend. When she casually inquires about the car, and her questions are met with defensive and broken answers, she begins to grow suspicious.

The screenplay is like a annoying child that wants to play hide and seek; they go to hide, and you don’t really see the point in finding them. By the end, we discover that the whole dilemma is about some vague, cliché promise about not disappointing their 20-year-old selves and you won’t know whether you feel disgust, or nothing at all.

Special Features

• Commentary with director Mark Pellington alongside co-stars Rob Lowe and Jeremy Piven
• Commentary with director Mark Pellington alongside co-writer Glenn Porter and director of photography Eric Schmidt
• Director’s statement
• Deleted scenes
• Behind the scenes
• HDNet: A look at I Melt With You
• Interview with Jeremy Piven
• Jeremy Piven Mood Piece
• Thomas Jane Teaser
• Director’s be the scenes photo gallery
• Alternate theatrical poster gallery
• Theatrical redband trailer
• Theatrical greenband trailer
• International trailer
• Interview with Mark Pellington

The blu-ray is presented in 1080P High Definition 16×9 with an aspect ratio of 2.35:1. The audio is in Dolby True HD 5.1. The image and sound are impeccable. Spanish and English subtitles are available.

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