Blu-ray Review: Killdozer

An asteroid containing something mysterious and powerful is on a collision course with Earth. It lands on an island off the coast of Africa. The island is inhabited by a small construction crew led by Lloyd Kelly (Clint Walker). A young Robert Urich has a small role–he dies in the first ten minutes as he becomes the first victim, zapped by the meteor while it transfers its essence to the bulldozer.

Based on a story by Theodore Sturgeon, this 1974 movie-of-the-week is pure cheese. From the get, it’s apparent this is a project on a limited budget. Star Clint Walker does what he can with the material, and co-stars including Carl Betz, Neville Brand, James Wainwright, James Watson Jr., are fine, but the bulldozer is the real star of the show.

Jerry London (Shogun) deserves much credit for making Killdozer as watchable as it is. He makes a real effort to give this ridiculous plot some measure of legitimacy. Much of the special effects budget was spent on making it look like the bulldozer drives itself. From there, the monster bulldozer just goes for it. Like a lot of the best B-movie science fiction, Killdozer brings the action, mangling everything and everyone in its wake. I’ll admit it, watching Clint Walker attempt to drive a possessed bulldozer is kind of fun!

Sourced from a new 2K master and framed at 1.33:1 Killdozer has been given a strong 1080p presentation. The image offers an impressive amount of detail and a natural grain structure for a film-like presentation. Details are evident in the simple blue denim uniforms and the equipment the men use. The bulldozer has a nice amount of paint chipping and rust to give it an ominous look. Black levels are strong throughout. A few moments of haziness are brief and not concerning. Colors pop from time to time, but the limited budget makes that largely unnecessary. Source elements are clean with no age-related defects. Fans should be pleased with how this looks!

The DTS-HD MA 2.0 track provides simplistic but effective audio. Effects consist of construction equipment noises with a minimal score. The roaring engine of Killdozer does offer the occasional rumble. Dialogue is clean and concise. For a 1970’s TV movie, this track gets the job done.

English SDH subtitles are included.

The following extras are available:

  • Audio Commentary with Film Historian Lee Gambin and Film Critic Jarret Gahan
  • Audio Interview with Director Jerry London (HD, 22:48)
  • Image Gallery

Killdozer (TV-M) (1974)

Movie title: Killdozer

Country: USA

Duration: 74 min

Director(s): Jerry London

Actor(s): Clint Walker, Carl Betz, Neville Brand, James Wainwright, Robert Urich, , James A. Watson, Jr.

Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi

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