The Complete Red Green Show Coming to DVD in October

Capitalizing on what is rapidly becoming the best year in the history of its existence, Acorn Media is unveiling 50 discs of Red Green hilarity with its “The Red Green Show: High (Quality) Quantity  Collection,” which also includes a few Red Green specials and enough extra features to keep the most ardent Red Green fan in a heaven made of duct tape, power tools, and beer.

If you’ve ever needed more convincing from me that Acorn Media is quite possibly the best DVD company working hard for your dollars today, this one release exemplifies my belief. There’s more than just this stunning release in the pipeline for the rest of the year, but they could easily coast on this alone. They don’t, however, and that’s why this isn’t the only great value you get from them. With so many other incredible releases already out in the past few months, it’s hard to imagine, but this could very well be their best release this year.

Read the official press release from Acorn Media below:

Silver Spring, MD — Bringing together all 300 episodes of the cult classic Canadian comedy and longstanding PBS hit, The Complete Red Green Show: High (Quality) Quantity Collection arrives to DVD from Acorn Media on October 16, 2012. Featuring nice collectible packaging, the collector’s set includes all 15 seasons (1991-2006), plus five feature-length specials. With over 120 hours of hijinks, behind-the-scenes specials, and zany inventions, the 50-disc collector’s edition is perfect for fans of all things manly, Canadian, and duct taped and offers the perfect excuse to grab a seat, crack open a cold one, and put off your next home-improvement project ($299.99,

It started as a shoestring-budget public television program about a merry bunch of misfits in the Canadian wilderness…and it pretty much stayed that way. For 300 episodes, Red, his nephew Harold, and the Possum Lodge gang celebrated doing what men do when women aren’t around—and some things that are even worse. Akin to Home Improvement, which also debuted in 1991, The Red Green Show amassed a devout fan base with its adventurous antics, off-kilter advice, preposterous inventions and power tool artillery. Ending in April 2006 with exactly 300 episodes that still run in syndication, the Canadian comedy institution has spawned a feature film, specials, books, and a cult-like following. Star Steve Smith is currently appearing at venues throughout North America in a frequently sold-out, multiyear tour.


The Infantile Years (Seasons 1991-93), The Toddlin’ Years (Seasons 1994-96), The Delinquent Years (Seasons 1997-99), The Midlife Crisis Years (Seasons 2000-02), and The Geezer Years (Seasons 2003-05)
Specials: Red Green’s We Can’t Help It—We’re Men; It’s a Wonderful Red Green Christmas; Red Green D.V.D., Duct Tape Virtuoso Deluxe; Hindsight Is 20/20; and The Red Green Story: We’re All in This Together
EXTRA JUNK: Red Green’s of Cars and Men (71 min.), A Merry Red Green Christmas (45 min.), behind-the-scenes comments by star and creator Steve Smith, a tour of a duct tape factory guided by Red, production photos, fan-made duct tape creations, extended footage, introductions by Steve Smith, Red and Harold character profiles, biographies of stars Steve Smith and Patrick McKenna, and more.

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