DVD Review: The Smurfs Holiday Celebration

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Given the release of a Smurfs live action/CGI film earlier this year, it should come as no surprise that the renewed interest in the group of small blue fictional creatures has lead to the release of various compilation DVD’s of the Smurfs 1980s Saturday morning cartoon. In October, Warner Bros. put out The Smurfs Holiday Celebration, featuring two; you guessed it, holiday themed specials from the Smurfs. At just around 48 minutes long, this disc is likely a perfect way for younger kids—probably around four to eight years old—and older Smurf fans alike, to get into the yuletide spirit.

First aired in 1982, and nominated for a Primetime Emmy, The Smurfs Christmas Special finds everyone in Smurf Village getting ready for the Christmas season by decorating, making a great Smurfy pudding, and having a jovial time. Unfortunately for our little blue heroes, arch enemy Gargamel (voiced by Paul Winchell) is always lurking..

Meanwhile, two children named William and Guinevere are traveling with their kindly grandfather to see a relative, when a nasty looking stranger (guest voice actor René Auberjonois) commands a wolf to startle them. While the threesome escapes the stranger, the children get separated from their grandfather, and end up at Gargamel’s house. Not amused, Gargamel initially turns the children away. However, the stranger strikes a bargain with with the bald wizard in a dress: find the children and receive the means to destroy the entire Smurf village. Will the Smurfs escape Gargamel’s evil clutches once again? Will the children be reunited with their grandfather?

First aired in 1987,‘Tis the Season to be Smurfy is the weaker of the two specials but it still manages to be cute. It’s Wild Smurf’s first Christmas, and the residents of Smurf village are once again decorating for the season. Grandpa Smurf (voiced by Jonathan Winters) and little Sassette Smurfling visit the nearby human village to check out their Christmas celebrations. They run across a real cross section of people: a pickpocket and a nice but very poor old man who makes puppets. It turns out that the man’s wife is ill, and confined to their home. Her biggest wish is to have a Christmas like the ones she remembers from childhood. Grandpa Smurf and Sassette want to help, and eagerly go back home to convince the other Smurfs to help give this couple a memorable holiday. To busy with their own preparations, the other Smurfs are initially reluctant to help. Papa Smurf soon reminds them of the real meaning of the holiday, and the Smurfs soon find themselves cast in the role of Christmas elves.

Both stories are fun, with the first special offering some genuine excitement. While older children may be a bit bored at times, The Smurfs Holiday Celebration offers some nice yuletide enjoyment for the younger ones amongst us.

This standard full screen presentation offers an English mono soundtrack, with English SDH subtitles.

No special features are included.