DVD Review: Manswers – The Best of Season One

Brought to you by Spike TV, Manswers may be one of the most ridiculous variety shows put on the air. This male-directed variety series is set up like a news magazine show, designed to answer some of the most potentially offensive questions ever posed. Apparently, the series target audience is drunken frat boys looking for an educational alternative to the one offered at their respective Colleges and Universities.
Manswers – The Best of Season One collects the top twenty-five questions from season one and presents them in order of descending coolness, while a group of models in tiny outfits, experts with questionable credentials, and a narrator who just might be high on something combine their massive skills to offer insight.

Thumbnail image for Manswers_S1_Still_PK_003.jpgI enjoy a bit of childish humor as much as anybody, but the questions posed in this show come perilously close to crossing the between gross and illegal. Here’s a sampling of the questions.
What’s the best human organ to eat?
How many floors can you fall in an elevator and still survive?
How many people have been killed by vending machines?
What kind of girls are the best in bed?
Which animal farts the most?
Can fake boobs break during sex?
How can you make your girlfriend less bitchy?
Once the question is asked, the narrator guides us through the Manswer. There are “man-on-the-street” interviews, where some of the dumbest people in America stumble through idiotic replies and a bunch of vignettes with lousy actors, scantily clad women and a group of “specialists” who are supposed to add an air of authenticity to the series.
However, Manswers‘ narrator blows any chance the show has at being taken seriously with his tired wit:
“Getting your freak on is always hotter when you’ve got some huge ta-tas to grab onto!”
“Boobs are awesome!”
“Hot babes splashing in the pool! That’s the only way to live!”
If “frat humor” isn’t your thing, Mamswers will get old very fast. If “frat humor” is your thing, Manswers – The Best of Season One is just the ticket. Manswers proves that stupid television continues to attract an audience.
The 1.33:1 ratio picture is mainly soft, sometimes jagged, regularly blurred by the best photographic standards. The audio is presented in Dolby Digital 2.0.
The set has no special features.

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