DVD Review: Major Crimes – The Complete Sixth and Final Season

After six successful seasons, Major Crimes has come to end. A spin-off of the equally successful The Closer, both series benefited from strong storylines and a talented female lead. Despite consistently strong ratings, TNT announced in January 2017 that the upcoming sixth season–13 episodes–would be it’s last. Far from dull, there was some big surprises, and a worthy finale.

The first story, “Sanctuary City,” is rather timely. Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell, Dances with Wolves) must investigate the disappearance of three Hispanic Catholic high schoolers who go missing during a field trip. The investigation turns up several possible suspects, including a racist neighbor (James Morrison), and A young priest (Marcus Coloma), who’s relationship with the boys may have been a little too close. The case brings up some interesting questions about immigrants–both legal and undocumented–and the challenges they’re facing in the United States today.

“Conspiracy Theory” finds an activist attorney murdered in her car. The investigation leads to a “beer, burger, and breast” bar where the owner, a former pro athlete, fires waitresses before they turn thirty. As it turns out, the dead attorney was handling a class action lawsuit against the owner. There are some interesting twists and turns here, but I felt like this four-part arc was a bit long.

For fans, it wasn’t surprising that long-time nemesis, Serial killer Phillip Stroh (Billy Burke) who first showed up on The Closer, came back with a vengeance, causing havoc for everyone. “By Any Means” is an emotional rollercoaster, but a real highlight of the series. Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin), a target of Stroh’s years before, is on high alert and eager to do something. He’s put under protective custody, but even as the Major Crimes squad works to catch Stroh, he has them stymied. What does he want? What’s his objective? How does his new associate, a young British hacker named Dylan (Will Ainsworth) and his “girlfriend” a prostitute named Ella (Lexi Ainsworth) fit into his latest plan? Nothing is quite as it seems, and Stroh always seems to be a step ahead of authorities.

Billy Burke’s performance as Stroh is masterful. Though he only appeared on three episodes during Major Crimes’ run, Burke’s villain is by far the nastiest. He exudes evil in every move he makes, and every word he utters. There’s absolutely nothing redeemable about him. The cat and mouse game he creates for police is fascinating!

As the season progresses, the Major Crimes Division is forced to deal with the progressive illness and eventual death of one of their primary team members. (I’ve decided not to reveal the characters identity for those who have not yet seen the series.) I still don’t know how I feel about it; I think I was in shock. Nonetheless, if the series had to end, it concludes well.

All 13 episodes have been spread across three discs. Like previous seasons of Major Crimes, it’s presented in widescreen. A newly filmed series, the images looks as good as it can on standard DVD with a clear image, and vibrant colors.

The English 5.1 surround sound track serves the material well, providing clear dialogue and ambient sounds.

English, French, and Spanish subtitles are included.

The following extras are available:

  • Connecting with Major Crimes
  • Bloopers

Movie title: Major Crimes - The Complete Sixth and Final Season (2017-18)

Director(s): Steve Robin , David McWhirter Michael M. Robin , Rick Wallace , Sheelin Choksey , Paul McCrane

Actor(s): Mary McDonnell , G.W. Bailey , Tony Denison , Michael Paul Chan, Raymond Cruz , Kearran Giovanni

Genre: Mystery, Drama, Crime

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