The Artist and the Model (Blu-ray)

Filmed in black-and-white, Fernando Trueba’s The Artist and the Model was co-written with Jean-Claude Carrière whose many writing credits include Luis Bunuel’s Belle du Jour (1967), The Discreet Charm of

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Gravity (Blu-ray)

Redefining the use of cinematography, visual, and sound effects, Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity is a truly unique cinematic experience.  Opening the film with a 17-minute “unbroken” shot, it’s quickly apparent that

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Nebraska (Blu-ray)

The director of The Descendants, Sideways, and About Schmidt, Alexander Payne returns with Nebraska, an intimate look at the relationship between fathers and sons.  Shot in black and white and

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All Is Lost (Blu-ray)

There is no overt biblical reference in J.C. Chandor’s (Margin Call) All Is Lost, but it’s hard not to think of Robert Redford’s character as the biblical Job, the man

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Diana (Blu-ray)

A film once touted as a surefire Oscar contender, Diana is instead, bound to leave viewers scratching their heads. It’s been over sixteen years since Diana, Princess of Wales died,

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