Popeye Volume 2

Blu-ray Review: Popeye the Sailor – The 1940’s, Volume 2

Released by Warner Archive just months after the first volume, Popeye the Sailor: The 1940’s, Volume 2 contains fifteen cartoons, released after World War II in 1946-47. Many of the cartoons reflect the post-War euphoria and prosperity and euphoria being experienced by many Americans. Below is a list of cartoons in the set as well as the director:


House Tricks – directed by Seymour Keitel

Service with a Guile – Bill Tytla

Klondike Casanova – Isadore Sparber

Peep in the Deep – Seymour Keitel

Rocket to Mars – Bill Tytla

Rodeo Romeo – Isadore Sparber

The Fistic Mistic – Seymour Keitel

The Island Fling – Bill Tytla


Abusement Park – Isadore Sparber

I’ll Be Skiing Ya’ – Isadore Sparber

Popeye and the Pirates – Seymour Keitel

The Royal Four-Flusher – Seymour Keitel

Wotta Knight – Isadore Sparber

Safari So Good – Isadore Sparber

All’s Fair at the Fair – Seymour Keitel

All of the cartoons are presented in full, with the exception of Popeye and the Pirates, which states it’s an edited print. A clip where Popeye transitions from being in drag into a sailor suit has been cut, likely because of nudity. Edited out shortly after the initial theatrical showing in 1947, that clip is believed to be lost or destroyed.

Like Volume 1, sourced from 4K remasters of each short’s original nitrate Technicolor negative, these shorts look great. The amount of detail is stunning. Colors are well balanced throughout. This is top tier stuff for cartoon fans.

The DTS mono 2.0 Master Audio (mono) is free of any hisses, pops, or crackles. Dialogue and music cues are clean and clear throughout. While the negative briefly shows its age in a couple of spots, it’s impossible to complain about the level of restoration work done here.

Optional English subtitles are available during all fifteen shorts.

There are no extras.

Popeye the Sailor: The 1940's, Volume 2
Popeye Volume 2

Movie title: Popeye the Sailor: The 1940's, Volume 2

Country: USA

Duration: 107 min

Director(s): Seymour Keitel, Bill Tytla, Isadore Sparber

Actor(s): Jack Mercer, Jackson Beck , Mae Questel , Harry Welch

Genre: Animation, Short, Comedy

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