Blu-ray Review: Jenny

Released in early 1970, TV icons Marlo Thomas (That Girl) and Alan Alda (M*A*S*H) star in Jenny, very much a film of its time. Thomas is Jenny, a shy, movie loving, small-town girl who moves to the city after she becomes pregnant following a one-night stand. Walking in Central Park, she meets filmmaker Delano (Alda), after she wanders into his documentary of a bag lady (The Facts of Life’s Charlotte Rae).

The two form a casual friendship. It’s quickly revealed that Delano has received his draft notice and has thirty days until he must report to the Army. As the threat of going to Vietnam looms, Delano learns that married men with children are being exempt from service. Learning that, he offers Jenny a marriage of convenience. He will give the baby his name, even support him or her, but he will continue to have his own life, and see his girlfriend Kay (Marian Hailey). She will have a father for her baby, and he can avoid being drafted.

Initially, Jenny is too rooted in a world of romantic movies to realize that marriage isn’t something to be taken lightly; She wants him to stay home and play house, he wants to go with his friends. Jenny excitedly takes Delano to her hometown to meet her parents–staunch republicans with a picture of Richard M. Nixon hanging on the living room wall and a son fighting in Vietnam–eager for them to meet her husband.

Directed and co-written by film and television veteran George Bloomfield (To Kill A Clown, Nothing Personal) Jenny is a simplistic melodrama.  While it presents any number of serious issues, but never deals with any of them beyond a surface level. Vincent Gardenia and Elizabeth Wilson provide some interest as Jenny’s parents, but overall, Jenny is a relic of its time, interesting only to fans of Alan Alda and Marlo Thomas or if you’re like me, just can’t get enough of older films.

From a “Brand new 4K Master,” Kino’s 1080p transfer is presented in the original 1.85:1 aspect ratio. The image looks clean throughout, with solid colors. There are no scratches or flaws to speak of. I’m guessing this fifty-year old film has never looked better.

The DTS-HD Master 2.0 channel track handles the material well. Harry Nilsson’s theme song, “Waiting,” comes through convincingly, and Michael Small’s (Klute) score is pleasantly romantic.

English SDH subtitles are included.

The following extras are available:

  • NEW! Audio Commentary with Film Historians Lee Gambin and Jarret Gahan

Jenny (1970)
Jenny (1970)

Movie title: Jenny

Country: USA

Duration: 86 min

Director(s): George Bloomfield

Actor(s): Marlo Thomas, Alan Alda, Marian Hailey, Elizabeth Wilson , Vincent Gardenia, Philip Bruns, Charlotte Rae

Genre: Drama, Romance

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