Adventure Time: The Complete Fourth Season (Blu-ray)

Since its premiere on the Cartoon Network in 2007, Adventure Time has been a hit with viewers and critics alike, attracting roughly 2 to 3 million viewers per week and winning numerous awards, including two Annie Awards and two Primetime Emmy Awards. Currently in its sixth season and already renewed for its seventh, the series seems to only get better with age. The fourth season was just released on Blu-ray and DVD on October 7, 2014.

Created by Pendleton Ward, Adventure Time centers on human boy Finn (voice of Jeremy Shada), and his best-friend Jake (John DiMaggio) a magical shape-shifting dog. They live in the post apocalyptic land of Ooo, interacting with others and getting into all sorts of wacky situations. Consisting of 26 episodes, the fourth season offers up some of Finn and Jake’s zaniest adventures yet.

For those not familiar with Adventure Time, this is a series built to entertain children and adults alike. While the show might appear strictly kid-centric, there’s some well placed, none-to-subtle, adult humor that will go right over young children’s heads. I love cartoons that a parent can watch with their child and they can both genuinely enjoy it. Because Adventure Time is so original, even from episode to episode, picking favorites is difficult. Even so, I’ll try to pick out a few fourth season highlights: Jake and Finn wake up in the misery of the Nightosphere. Finn is befriended by a bear. Erik Estrada voices the King Worm! Finn and Jake fight each other (again!).

The Blu-ray release of Adventure Time: The Complete Fourth Season features 26 episodes on a single disc:

  1. Hot to the Touch, Part 2
    2. Five Short Graybies
    3. Web Weirdos
    4. Dream of Love
    5. Return to the Nightosphere
    6. Daddy’s Little Monster
    7. In Your Footsteps
    8. Hug Wolf
    9. Princess Monster Wife
    10. Goliad
    11. Beyond This Earthly Realm
    12. Gotcha!
    13. Princess Cookie
    14. Card Wars
    15. Sons of Mars
    16. Burning Low
    17. BMO Noire
    18. King Worm
    19. Lady & Pebbles
    20. You Made Me
    21. Who Would Win
    22. Ignition Point
    23. The Hard Easy
    24. Reign of Gunters
    25. I Remember You
    26. The Lich

Presented in the 1.78:1 aspect ratio, this season of Adventure Time has been given a fairly strong 1080p transfer. While it does suffer from some minor banding and very slight macroblocking, colors are bright and bold. Black levels are inky and details exacting. Contrast and clarity is wonderful, as the line art pops. Despite releasing all 26 episodes on one Blu-ray, compression doesn’t appear to be an issue.

The Dolby Digital 2.0 soundtrack is serviceable. Voices are clear throughout and it handles the stronger effects without issue. However, don’t expect a very immersive experience; it’s just kind of there.

English SDH subtitles are included.

The following extras are available:

  • Season Four Audio Commentaries: Creator Pendleton Ward and several guests — among them storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar, writer/storyboard artist Cole Sanchez, writer/storyboard artist Andy Ristaino, writer/storyboard artist Tom Herpich, storyboard artist Jesse Moynihan, and several others — provide a five-hour audio commentary of the entire season, discussing the idea behind various episodes, touching on everything from the writing process to the animation and more.
  • Distant Bands (HD, 19:38) Creator Pendleton Ward discusses the music of Adventure Time, along with creative director/writer Pat McHale, and storyboard artists Jesse Moynihan and Rebecca Sugar.
  • Digital Copy
  • UltraViolet

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