4K UHD Review: Pitch Perfect 3

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Given the number of sequels that hit theaters in 2017, it’s no surprise that Pitch Perfect 3, with its cast of bankable female stars, hit theaters just in time for the holiday season. However, despite a respectable box office performance, this final farewell of the trilogy lacks the raucous humor that made its predecessors such fun.

Picking up where the last film left off, the Bellas have graduated from Barden–except Hailee Steinfeld’s (The Edge of Seventeen) Emily–and are struggling to figure out what they want to do with their lives. Though the Bellas haven’t performed together in three years, the girls jump at the possibility of performing on a USO tour that would take them to Europe and beyond. There’s a sort-of-competition involved when the girls learn that one groups with the USO tour may be given the opportunity to open for DJ Khaled (playing himself and playing grand piano) on a huge tour afterwards. Unfortunately, anything resembling a contest quickly because irrelevant to anything else going on. While Ruby Rose’s Calamity and her instrument playing band Evermoist (who came up with that name) are quickly established as the villains, the lack of a tangible reaction from the Bellas negates their effectiveness. There’s also a pop-country group and a hip-hop duo, but I cared even less about them.

Likable as always, Anna Kendrick (The Accountant) delivers her asides as you’d expect, but I couldn’t shake the feeling she seemed a little bored. As Fat Amy, Rebel Wilson brings the unbridled energy and physicality to her comedy that we’ve come to expect. I can’t help but hope she gets a shot at meatier material. John Lithgow doing an over-the-top Australian accent as her estranged, shady father is a waste of the legendary actor’s talent, but since he’s clearly having a good time, I’ll give him a pass! The best part of Pitch Perfect 3 is the return of Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins as Gail and John, previously the Bellas public announcers, now their part of a documentary crew following the Bellas on tour.

Pitch Perfect 3 isn’t the worst movie ever, it’s just played out. The film ends with everyone moving on. Let’s hope this was indeed the last segment of the Pitch Perfect franchise.

A 4K upscale, it looks solid. The image has nice spacing, crafting a nice three-dimensional look at times. Movement appears smooth and natural. Blacks are inky and have a good level of saturation. Colors really pop throughout, skin tones look natural, and textures come through in medium and closeup shots.

The English DTS:X offers a well-balanced and layered performance, utilizing all of the speakers. The musical numbers are a definite highlight, but action scenes play well too. Height is active, be it water, helicopter, ambulance, etc., to create full room sound. The subwoofer creates nice thump throughout, surrounds are convincingly active, and dialogue reproduction is strong.

English SDH, Spanish, and French subtitles are included.

Pitch Perfect 3 offers a nice slate of extras on the bundled Blu-ray disc, including a pair of audio commentary tracks (which carry over to the UHD disc). A Movies Anywhere digital copy code is included with purchase.

  • Audio Commentary with Producers Paul Brooks and Max Handlemann
  • Audio Commentary with Director Trish Sie
  • New Musical Performances (HD) Additional music not seen in the film. Included are Fat Amy & Fergus Casino Duet (2:38) and The Bellas: “See You Smile” Lullaby (1:45).
  • Extended Musical Performances (HD) Included are Evermoist: “How A Heart Unbreaks” (3:55), Young Sparrow/DJ Dragon Nuts: “You Got It” (1:56) and Saddle Up: “Ex’s and Ohs” (2:59).
  • Deleted Scene (HD, 1:01) Aubrey at Amy’s Hotel Door.
  • Gag Reel (HD, 3:22)
  • Competition Crescendo (HD, 6:37) A look at the “Riff-Off” and how the competition is different in this film as well as a closer look at the new bands that appear in the film.
  • A Cappella Action (HD, 3:15) A discussion of the “campy” Bond-inspired music piece titled “Toxic,” and the film’s yacht set piece.
  • The Women of Pitch Perfect 3 (HD, 4:21) A look at how the series empowers women, and a look at the women that made the film’s possible.
  • Don’t Mess with Rebel (HD, 4:27) A humorous look at Rebel Wilson’s work in the action scenes.
  • The Headliner: DJ Khaled (HD, 3:01) A look at the superstar’s appearance in the film.
  • The Final Note: John and Gail (HD, 2:22) A look at the film’s two documentarians.
  • Just Because He’s a Bad Guy (HD, 1:54) A look at John Lithgow’s character.
  • The Final Performance (HD, 4:30) Creating the final musical number.
  • Official Music Video (HD, 2:36) “Freedom ’90 X Cups.”
  • Hollywood of the South (HD, 2:28) Shooting in Atlanta.

Director(s): Trish Sie

Actor(s): Anna Kendrick , Hailee Steinfeld Elizabeth Banks Brittany Snow , Rebel Wilson , Anna Camp

Genre: Comedy, Music

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